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Mortgage documents

So that in civil law the documents or official or ordinary, in accordance with Article 1282 of documents that the Department of Real Estate Registration or notaries public or to other officials within their jurisdiction and in accordance with legal regulations are set official . And in accordance with Article 1292 of the Civil Code, “the official documents or documents that the validity of official documents in denial and doubt heard not …” Documents mortgage in official documents that banks and financial and credit institutions to guarantee loans to their customers set

The mortgagor can be the debtor too, can be a third party, ie the borrower, but the commitment to the extradition of loans, guarantee and commitment that if the debtor in the promises, the loan amount to treating not the property he auctioned and ask the bank to be paid. Usually the document mortgage the amount of damages that can be the mortgagor received as a percentage of annual stipulate and say that if banks want to ask her that pending the document mortgage Astyfa the mortgagor addition to the principle of their commitment percent It is also obliged to pay damages. So mortgagee agrees to the extent that the bank agrees and has requested its documents in its collateral.

۱) How to auction the demand for credit by banks or financial institutions:

When the loan outstanding was after legal formalities, documentation mortgage the rights management placed and after receiving the remaining total of subsidiaries operating, proceed to the application on the executive, and the application mentioned that a request for the issuance executive with a certain amount (incl. principle and damages) to the office of the document is given. After due process of law and control of the executive authenticity issued by the department in charge of implementation, an executive board to the mortgagor is notified. If the mortgagor at this stage of the solvency document action can stop the auction and the Bank mortgaged request jaw of mortgage to make otherwise handle the implementation of the above with pricing and valuation property Trhyn, the amount thereof and to auction it.

۲) the acquisition of property auctions:

If after the auction and the formalities of property owned bank to be sending the minutes enforcement of the auction and the order of the head of the enforcement record, document property name mortgagor out and the name of the bank or credit union moves and the bank or institution will be able to have.