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Legal Terms

Communicated :

Disseminating litigation, such as notice, enforcement, execution, and … … in the name of the person or persons designated in accordance with legal procedure.

Real Communication:

Bringing a lawsuit to the person who is the target person, the purpose of which is to inform him through himself or his lawyer.

Legal notice:

Any notification that is in accordance with the law, but not addressed to the addressee or his / her lawyer, for example, if the notice sheet for the time of attendance at the court is communicated to the contact’s spouse, is legal.


Eliminating another’s property is what part of a property, or all of it, is caused by the loss of other assets for the loss of civil liability, whether intentional or unintentional. It does not matter if someone deliberately burns another home, or if it turns out to be too common in their own homes, without having a fire at home, it will spread to another and cause loss.


An agreement is whereby a party, called the landlord, transfers the same financial interest (whether immovable, like a home or a car like a car) for rent to another that is called a tenant. If a person gives his / her interests and labor power to another person, he or she will be hired and used by the tenant.


A sheet is prepared under a special legal procedure in a judicial or administrative proceeding, such as the Office for the registration of mortgages, and it involves a court order to do so. For example, a court order to pay a three-month rental payment for arrears, or the discharge of a residential building, or a requirement for regulation Official document and … The executive may also be issued by administrative agencies such as the Office of Registration of Documents for the execution of the dowry.


If someone uses another property and the property remains intact, such as the use

of a car or a home or other property, the user and the owner of that contract are not contracted. The user must give the owner what he has used. For the money paid for this use, they are called sayings. In order to determine the cost of the application, considering the circumstances and conditions, the type of use, the same property, and so on, it is considered to be for a period of use. In the case of remuneration, for example, there is an alimony that is an obligation agreed upon by the parties.


There is a sheet in which the judge orders that someone, such as the accused, the defendant, or the witness be present in the court or court. If the summons are issued in accordance with the procedures and the absence of the presence of the addressee, it will be brought to the attention of the judicial authority without justification.

Personal situation:

It is the sum of the traits of a person that is validated by a person in the community with the rights and the right to apply it, such as citizenship, marriage, divorce, will, residence ….

Land Reclamation:

It is an operation that prepares for exploitation by altering the natural state of the earth and by taking measures that are in the process of being built (such as agriculture, planting, construction, establishment of installations, etc.).

Getting Started:

Where the dividend, such as the home, is shared between the two parties, and the partner may sell the unit to a third party, the other partner has the right, in the amount paid by the third party, to acquire the property and the third party has a role in the exercise of this right. It does not belong to the company. Therefore, in an immovable property transaction with a partner, it should be noted that the partner has the right to pursue the proceeding.


Reminding an official one or more subjects in the scope of the regulations to the addressee, such as a notice to appear before a court of law, or the provision of documents in court or the payment of taxes by the property office.

National and Range Land:

If the land has a natural shape and no physical interference has been made by humans, the land is unreduced, in which case it is either national or rangeland, or the land is muate.


It is a right to own a property on another property, such as the right to transfer water from non-property and the right to open a drain on another land.


The inherited property of a deceased person after deduction of financial and / or financial liabilities is considered to be the property of the estate .


In transactions, the fraction is the difference between the price of the fair price and the price of the calendar day of the transaction and the payment of that deduction is the correct price of the calendar day. When this fraction is multiplied by the price of the price of the day, the result is multiplied, and in Criminal matters are determined by an expert or a judge of the Arsh, unless determined in law for a member of the Diyah. For example, a hand has a certain amount of 50 people, but the spleen does not have a specific diyeh and the judge determines it.


In legal matters, whenever the claimant (claimant) dismisses his suit with his own consent, he or she declines the claim that he or she wishes to return the lawsuit.

Extradition of criminals:

The return of an Iranian offender who escapes from Iran after committing a crime or returning a criminal who has a foreign nationality and has committed a crime in Iran and escaped to Iran. However, the extradition of criminals requires the prior agreement of the state has it.


The sheet is written in which the testimony of the witnesses is written in relation to the subject they want to testify.

Cafe Cafe Buccaneer:

Usually, in the contracts, the phrase is given to make sure that the contract is stable and unblocked. The term cucumber is the same, for example, the seller’s authority to terminate the transaction, and ……


The collection and collection of rights by several individuals to a given property, for example, is the collective ownership of a land owned by a landowner.


It is a situation in which there is no threat, but the situation is for a practice in such a way that a person, despite the dissatisfaction with the job, and the desire to do so through the conditions and conditions of the work, does that.


It is written in accordance with the provisions of the law, and the writer brings it into law and its origin and is communicated to the opposing party by the judiciary. For example, (a) he will pay his debt for claiming arrears of rent on behalf of the lessee.


A copy of the note issued by the special government agent who is the agent of the distribution of the application, after setting up the form of the chamber, including the limits and nature of the property and its specifications, and the identity of the local residents and substitutes, shall be distributed among the holders as property, the contents of which shall be in accordance with the parliamentary form and the number The property must also be included in the application.

Legal restoration:

Whenever, in order to pass the time the law has been laid down and to refuse to give new criminal convictions in accordance with the law and without a court order, the offender’s reputation will be restored to him and the loss of the lost person will restore this legal meaning. Against the restoration of legal protection, Judicial integrity. In this case, he is sentenced to a criminal sentence by issuing another sentence of his honor.

Restoration of proceedings:

It is a great way to deal with civil or criminal cases where a definitive ruling has been issued.

Protest to register:

A protest is directed at the beneficiary at the expense of the applicant for property registration or other matters.

Objection to absenteeism :

When he is not sentenced to trial by a court or his lawyer at any of the trial sessions or does not file a lawsuit in response to a claim made by the court or if the trial has not been communicated to him in reality, the decision to abscond is a complaint that sentenced the absentee sentence to This sentence is called “protest against an absentee sentence.”

Third protest:

It is a complaint and a lawsuit that complains of civic verdicts. In this suit, the plaintiff is one of those who personally or his representative at the trial stage that results in the issuance of the ballot as a party to the lawsuit, does not violate his rights. The protest is also called third-party protest.

Appeal for non-payment:

There is a protest that comes at the expense of payment of money.

Objection protest:

A protest is due to the writing of a denial or promise from someone who has to pay when you see it.


Waiver of the owner is his property.


If someone does not have the power to pay or pay his property due to lack of assets or access to his property, he says that he should file a court order to prove his credentials.


A dispute is the joint partner of the joint venture to another partner in order to divide the property in case of uninteresting on the division of the proceeds.


Saying the irrevocable marriage to the parties.


The place where the person is located is the center of the important affairs of the overseas. If the place of residence of a person other than the main center of his own, his center of affairs is his residence. The center of important affairs is the place where the person is there in terms of employment and service, or interest Maleki is staying.

Guaranty measures:

Measures are being taken by the court to prevent repeat offenses against dangerous offenders, such as the maintenance of crazy offenders in the home.


If a person declares a statement that its content is harmful to itself and for the benefit of another, the confession is called. If the provisions of this news are in their own interest to the detriment of the other, the claim, if it is in favor of another and to the detriment of a third party, is called martyrdom.

Confession to lineage:

A confession to a person is based on the existence of a relative kinship relationship between the confessional and the other person. It’s as if A is admitting B to his son.


Behavior and action is a threatening one from one person to another in order to realize its intended action. It is said to be reprehensible and reticent.

Murder weapon:

A device that is considered to be fatal in terms of its characteristics and conditions, such as a gun or a jacket or a stone …


Commitment Sometimes, in contracts, funds are provided as an obligation to provide damages for failure to fulfill obligations or delays.


Everything that tells something else and in civil and criminal cases is apparently the aspect of Kashifit, such as the capture of an object that appears to be the property of the explorer. Of course, it may also prove to be the opposite. For example, an object that can be captured by an alphabet In the ownership of which A has taken it reliably.

Owned Trust:

The bond is secured by the consent of the owner of Vaman. It is safe for a person who holds a merchant in trust, and he who lends money to him with the trustee.

Legal Guard:

The legal guardian is one who, according to the law, has the authority to issue a verdict to a person under his authority, such as the order that the prosecutor issues in order to complete the case or discover the offense.

Immovable property:

Property that has a history of ownership, but is the property of the owner, such as financially, which in the case of the shipwreck’s overwhelming influence on the sea, and its owner neglects to forego. The property is intrinsically different from the property of the owner, since the property of the owner of the property is owned by the owner. A certain time is not known as the owner’s identity.

State property:

Every financial asset, whether immovable or immovable, is owned by the state.

Hussein Affairs:

It is said that courts must decide whether or not there should be any dispute about them. As with the loss of property, the courts have the right to determine the insolvency of an insane person who does not have a guardian or guardian.

Criminal Enforcement:

Is to stop the prosecution or prosecution of a civil or commercial or administrative or criminal offense. For example, a person is complaining against another as a building demolition, and the opposite side replies that the building is his own to address the claim that something Civilian, the criminal case is suspended until the defendant’s ownership of the property is determined, and the punishment of the criminal case is subject to the civil case.


The confirmation of the inheritance monopoly is the sheet which the judge of the Dispute Resolution Council determines in the deceased’s property and assets, the number of heirs, as well as the proportion of each of the deceased. Most importantly, the judge in this attestation determines the contribution of each of the heirs from the deceased’s property and writes each and every one below.

Coercive transfer:

The transfer of movable or immovable property or the claims of one to another without the agreement between them, such as the transfer of drowned property to his heirs.


Property owned by the state under the law, such as natural forests, the property of persons who do not inherit.


For example, if a commodity that has been traded before the bill is canceled by the buyer, it will cause the transaction to be canceled, that is, the contract will be dissolved by itself and the transaction will not be affected by the parties.


That is, the prohibition of the employment of a servant of the state to serve the government forever or temporarily.

Denial of the document:

If a standard document such as promissory note, brochure, check, normal writing, etc., is pronounced in person, Woeverhriya denies the signature or the fingerprint attributed to it and does not deny it to itself. The work is only possible with regard to ordinary documents. The official documents can only be falsified. There is a denial by forgery that the denial of the mere mention of the opposite, that is, the person who invokes the document, has the duty to prove its originality, not to deny it, but to the extent that it is falsified The forgery is to prove the forgery of the document.

important papers, worthy documents:

Financial documents that are transacted and transacted in cash and currency transactions.


Anything that has a different meaning and appears to be in the civil and criminal cases of the Kashifit aspect, such as capturing an object that appears to be the property of the explorer, may well be the opposite. For example, the object that is captured by Elves may be in Ownership B that has been borrowed altogether by it.


Those who have a specific knowledge and knowledge, as well as an expert, are able to comment.


The trait is a person who has insanity, dementia, minors, bankruptcy, and other obstacles to deprivation of rights.


Specific mistakes and defects in the law that the plaintiffs or the defendants have made to a lawsuit by the law, such as the objection of secrecy or the refusal of the prosecutor. Suppose that if a judge asks a relative with one of the parties, then a uncle is asking for a reason for dismissal.


The land is owned by the owner but for some time unknown it is not cultivated.


The judicial authority is charged with investigating defendants and conducting preliminary investigations in criminal cases. She was allegedly referred to as an interrogator.

Temporary arrest:

Arrest in the word means prohibiting, preventing, detaining and imprisoning. The most important and most severely punitive custodial arrest warrant is that the temporary custody of a defendant for a period of time will be released in order to secure access to him in urgent cases.


A girl aged 9 and a lunar age of 15 years.


Anyone who sells a commodity in a deal will be placed on the customer or buyer’s behalf.

Time period:

The abandonment of the couple refers to the continuation of the marriage contract in the temporary marriage and to the termination of it.


The main thing is the jurisprudence and the law that is used in civil and criminal cases. For example, the principle is that nobody is a criminal offender and a crime is committed.


The vacancy of a person implies a commitment that someone who has paid or not paid a commitment, says he is dead, this term is in the face of the occupation.


It is a type of contract that puts one party in the same financial position for the receipt of money or property, such as home or car sales.


A certain amount of transaction is paid to the seller on the seller’s assurance (advance)

Delay of payment – Damage:

The money is due to the creditor due to the debtor’s delay in paying the debt.

Supply requests:

It is a guarantee that the plaintiff asks for the property to be heard before the court orders it.

Supply reason:

The court’s description of the grounds for lodging a claim before the lawsuit is filed in order to prevent the deterioration of the reasons for the request. For example, to determine the progress of the construction work, determine the time and timely completion of By the contractor’s side, the employer can provide the reason for maintaining it for the future and claiming damages.

Exchange of Bills:

Refusing to file a lawsuit and asking the other party.


Giving the money without eyes


The act of committing a crime is deliberate and the meaning of rebellion.

Local research:

Listen to the testimony of the witnesses and the local judges by the judge

Tune in:

Acts that deceive the party and the deceived person has the right to terminate under the legal conditions.

Leave the charity:

Do not pay for people who need it if they can afford it. In the case of a woman, if the husband does not afford the wife, she complains to her, and at the same time the husband does not divorce him and pay the alimony, the crime of abandoning the charity will be fulfilled.


The property of the deceased who has left the debt and the financial and other assets.


Damage to property other than the source of harm by the owner does not lead to the target, but due to fault or lack of exchange and neglect and his caution, he will be harmful to another, such as the sheep due to lack of care for another wheat field and their losses to the farmer. Do not tighten the dog’s chains and attack the pedestrians.


Against this principle, everyone has the right to any possession that is not against the Shari’a. Therefore, every Maliki has the right to own and possess any property, unless otherwise provided by law. Everyone has the right to construct on his personal property, but in accordance with the provisions The municipality can not make more than a certain class of buildings and related permits to build an apartment.


Surrender at the head of the bond is that the seller handed over the seller of the transaction to the buyer and sellers of the deal to the seller who has transferred it to the store and dispose of it and place it in charge.

Confession of the inheritance monopoly:

It is a certificate by which the deceased heirs ask the court to issue it to the deceased’s heirs to a certain number and to a certain number. This certificate is also referred to as the certificate of the succession of inheritance.


It means that financial is available to someone and they can decide on that property.


A seizure carried out without the consent of the owner of the immovable property by a person. In the general sense, the word capture means the removal of property from the state and the disposal of the owner of that property without his consent.

Ownership seizure:

If a person is financially motivated, the assumption is legally that his possession is self-sufficient unless proved to be the case, for example, the hour in the hands of A or the carpet in his home is assumed to be the owner of those objects. This assumption is valid until the time when the reason No other proof has been proven.


Whether or not to provide a bail, such as a home or a surety, such as giving a check item to ensure good performance or discharge.


The punishment is not determined by the judge (lash, imprisonment, cash penalty, etc.) and its amount (one year imprisonment, ten lashes, ten million rials) is not in the Shari’a. Currently, in our country, the Islamic Penal Code provides for a variety of punishments for crimes committed. For example, the penalty for treason is 6 months to 3 years imprisonment.


Exceeding the permission or conventional to the property or other right.

Suspension of punishment:

Under conditions condemned to a punishment, he may use the privileges of this legal foundation and the charges specified in the judgment do not apply to him. In the case of a suspended sentence of between two and five years, in addition to the punishment for committing the crime of a previous offense committed to Implementation will also be implemented (see Article 25 of the Islamic Penal Code)


In terms of rights, it refers to the abandonment of the practice that a person is required to perform, or the commission of a practice that a person is prohibited from doing. For example, the law of individuals who have the expertise and whose knowledge and expertise are effective in helping the injured, has a responsibility to provide the injured Leave this action to be a kind of an exaggeration. (Do not worry) or the tenant should not use the building to set up a workshop (sculptor(

repeat offense:

Whenever a person is sentenced to a fine or a deterrent by a court order if, after executing the sentence, he can be commuted, the court can exacerbate his punishment.


Loss of property without direct or indirect involvement of the owner or other person.

تلف مبیع قبل از قبض : Wait before the bill

If the property is traded before the seller fails and the seller fails, the transaction itself will be canceled. The transaction web must be returned to the customer.


Temporary interruptions are enforced or ordered by the competent authority upon commencement.

Executive Seizure:

Seizure of the property owed or sentenced through the execution of <registering or enforcing judgments of the court. This seizure prevents the owner from seizing property on his own.

Seizure of property:

The seizure of the property of the convicted person is the detention of personal property which was ordered at his own expense.

Seizure of proceedings:

In civil cases, after initiating a trial, in cases where the law provides, the referral can stop the proceedings for a while, such as when one of the parties to the lawsuit dies.

The trick:

One of the reasons for the collapse of the obligations is the fact that the two sides have a mutual commitment and the subject of their commitment (whether cash or things like rice, wheat, etc.) are equally equal. This threat can be with the will of the parties, either by law or by court order.


Anyone other than the parties to the contract.


Registration of four events (birth, death, marriage, divorce)

A third:

One third is valid according to the decree of the deceased, without the permission of the heirs.

A third party or a priest:

The fixed immovable property of the deceased from the place for which it is intended to be used for the purpose of the good, which has the benefits of causing it to be consumed in the manner prescribed.


The transaction price is paid by the buyer instead of the merchandise traded.

It’s up to you:

In two respects, one is the rape of the human body, which causes the bleeding in the exterior of the body, and the other is the justice of the judge. Like witnesses due to lack of martyrdom.


The act that the law has imposed for that punishment or hedging measures such as robbery, defamation, seizure, etc.


In criminal affairs, it is the word of truth or by material action such as the insertion of a word or the abandonment in the text of a tenancy document or in the context of a legal act without being accompanied by a material action, such as the clerk of the court in falsifying the accused’s statements in this way The defendant does not admit that he has committed a crime and says that he does not accept the accusation. He says that he is accusing me of the accusation that he accepts the accusation.


To say the least, if there is a full penalty of punishment, it is a hundred flies, such as the limit of adultery of a man who does not have a wife.


The trait of a person who does not recognize the benefit of being and is in a state of affliction is either a permanent or a periodic event, either of the two types of permanent and irregular madness may be associated with childhood or after the age of the disease.


The child who is still in the womb is called an embryo.


A writer by which the issuer returns funds held by another (the bank), wholly redeems a share of it in favor of one another or another bank.

Offline check:

The Czech does not have an issuer at the date of receipt of the payment to the bank and it is less than the amount stated in the Czechs.

Check promise:

Czech, according to which the issuer orders the bank to pay the check at the appointed time, which is not the date with the date of issue of the check, the so-called check-day.


In the affairs of nature, a contract is similar to waqf, but it is different from the waqf. For example, it does not exclude the confiscation of property in the possession of a property. In fact, the imprisonment creates a right to transfer another property under conditions, but in penal matters it is a form of punishment. Which they call synonymous with jail.


The inheritance is inherited in whole or in part due to the inheritance of another inheritor. For example, having a child for another deceased, his brother does not inherit from him. In this case, the deceased child is the opposite of the deceased brother.


The lack of qualification in the right to exercise or exercise the right to say that a person who is crazy about his transaction due to his lack of adherence to the hajj is void, as the concealed persons are said to be, the cases that make up the cell: childhood, insanity, bankruptcy for a businessman, Foolish

The limit:

A kind of punishment is physical and not at the very least. For example, the drinking limit of Khmer 80 is a weighed 100 grams.


If any non-owner has no right to enter it without the permission of the owner, and in extreme cases, the hacking of the amulet is one of the conditions for the commission of the crime. The punishment of the punishment means breaking down or breaking down or placing the enclosed and reserved devices such as the hedge wall, the wardrobe …


Some of the property is around the property and it is necessary to maintain it for better use of the property.


Material and material maintenance of the child by those who have been prescribed by law.

Right to upgrade:

It is a right for a person in another property, such as the right to drive, the right to the canal.


It is a right that allows a person to use a financial asset which is the same as another property or a private owner, such as allowing him to live in his building for three years. (Right to reside(


In a bargain contract, such as a purchase agreement, each buyer and seller after the termination of the contract has the right to transfer the money transferred to the party, not to surrender to the other party to submit, so that at one point the subject of the transaction of its web sites to each other Surrender

Right to go:

Two persons have a divisible immovable property in common and one of the two partners transfers their share (s) to a third party for the purpose of selling (selling), the other partner can give him the amount that the customer has given and the share sold (Shaheed Mabieh), who claim this right, the right to swear it and its owner is called Shafi

Right to earn money:

It is a right for tenants of a place of business, such as a businessman and a businessman who earns a living in one place over time, and varies with the locker. The right is not negotiable on an individual basis, and the worker can not retain the interests of the same tenant for himself. The right The transfer of business to another has been achieved by Kondomali, but both should be transferred together. But the goodwill is the money the tenant owns, and if he transfers the rent to the second tenant.


In the case of a man and woman, if the court rules on the suit and suit of the court, the sentence refers to, for example, the court condemns the plaintiff in absentia, or sentenced the defendant to pay damages to the plaintiff.

In-person verdict:

The principle is that the courts are present in person unless the defendant or his lawyer is present at any of the hearings, or he has not filed a lawsuit in response to a lawsuit or if he is not giving notice to the defendant.

Absentee sentence:

A judgment that is not absent in absentia.

final verdict:

A non-objectionable and revocable sentence, a protest and a revision order that has not been filed at the appointed time as a result of the appeal and revision, as well as the sentences that are being appealed.

Final verdict:

A ruling that is due to the legal process through the expiration of the term of the protest and reopening of the dispute and the conclusion of the ruling in that matter is a closed claim.

Rule of law took:

The purpose of time is the time it takes for the law to be obsolete until it is obsolete, and the meaning of the rule of law is the validity of the law from the time it comes into effect until it is overthrown and the law in our country will come into force 15 days after its publication by the official newspaper.


The thing that is used in court or deeds of individuals from the court is sometimes used instead of the word (the claimant(

Non-financial request:

It is a requirement that neither property nor originate in the expectation of collecting property from the lawsuit, such as the suit of descent, termination of marriage, adultery, and the expropriation of the same tenant.

Financial Requests:

Whenever a petitioner seeks to claim property in the custom of property or the purpose of claiming a claim, it should ask for financial advice, such as a claim for payment of a cash payment, a loss due to a crime, a claim for rent, and the cost of arrears …

Loss of damages:

It is the cost of prosecution and the lawyer of the lawyer and other costs directly related to the proceedings and necessary to prove the claim or defense, such as the cost of the expert’s salary late payment (delinquency): Damage that is late due to payment of money from the owl should Be given to the creditor.


Of the types of divorce is the separation of the woman from her husband for the money to her husband


A dirty fluid like wine or beer


The domination of the breach of the effect of the marriage is said to be due to the agreement of both sides, such as cucumber, in a contract of betting, under which the condition is that a buyer or seller, or both, or a third party, can terminate the transaction for a specified period of time. Or maybe the cucumber is due to the rule of law, such as the cucumber of the parliament, whereby the parties to the bargain contract are unwalled.


The use or use of the property held by Amin in a direction that the owner does not own, for example, personalizes his carpet to protect the trustee to another, but he sells the carpet.


The complaint is submitted to the judicial authorities in writing and in the special papers. In civil claims, the petitioner must initially file a petition in court.


An institution that carries out the prosecution of crimes in the public domain and acts performed under the direction of the prosecutor. Each prosecutor’s office consists of a sufficient number of deputies, deputies and deputies. Currently, in our country, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Revolution, within their jurisdiction, discover Journey, Crime and Initial Studies.


A place where civil or criminal lawsuits or affairs are handled by the head of the court or the court judge in the area of legal jurisdiction and due process.

Legal Court:

A court that deals with civil and legal affairs.

Criminal Court:

A court that is being prosecuted in a criminal case.


The court’s pecuniary verdict, signed by the president, the court judge and its director, is the contents of the court’s court motion.

Czech Checker:

A person who has been issued a check in his or her name, or a carrier of checks for carriage checks


Resolve hostility by non-judge and not complying with the formal procedures for dealing with claims

( Understanding (guarantor of understanding:

The seller’s responsibility for the goods is less than the price received by the buyer in exchange for the sale of the goods when the goods sold are not for sale. In this case, the seller must reject the transaction costs to the buyer. This is the buyer’s responsibility to the seller with regard to the transaction price. That is, if the price of the transaction he has paid is non-existent, the buyer must return the purchased item to the seller. It is referred to as a transaction (the seller is a guarantor of understanding, or ….


The controversy in the claimant’s right or claim is the sum of the claims of the opposing opponent.


Answers to each other.


Debt is called Dionic Dion.


The debt that has been due and has come about is against the religion of the mullahs.


In principle, it is financially for a criminal offender to be paid to his heir by the perpetrator of the crime or the death of the deceased. In some cases, the perpetrator should pay the damnation instead of qisas, for example, if it is not possible to execute a retaliation or if the owner of blood or injured person is to forgive retaliation

 Initial or primary consideration:

The court hearing is the first stage in the proceedings. Currently, in our country, the court hearing the case in the General Court (General Legal, General Criminal) of the Provincial Penal Court, the Revolutionary Court, is a preliminary hearing at the trial of the judiciary.


One who has the degree of the quality of the soul who recognizes the good or bad good, and who does not have this description, if he is not mad, he is a minor or, if he is a great one, he is called an infant.


Title for immovable property


It is an agreement by which the debtor pays the creditor financial collateral, and if the mortgaged property is out of bail, they say that the mortgaged property is mortgaged.


A group of social classes that co-operate with judges in investigating and prosecuting some crimes. In our country, Jouriy is used in mass press contexts.


Is the abduction of some other property without his consent. Weber, in contrast to the right to theft, is divided into two major categories of theft and fines.


The right that a businessman or artisan creates as a result of customer engagement and fame and activity for his workplace is called goodwill.

Promissory note:

A commercial document whereby the signatory (the exporter) undertakes to do so in time or at the request of the carrier or the specified person.

Lack of Growth or Outback:

A great person who does not have the rationale to pursue his or her financial affairs and can reasonably determine his disadvantage. Therefore, a person with high knowledge and knowledge may be considered to be inferior to a person. The use of a person in a non-financial affair is correct, for example, if a man Private marriage. His marriage, which is non-financial, is correct, but to determine the marriage, his legal guardian is to be allowed.

Legal person:

A group of human beings or interests of the public interest, which the law places as a natural person (human) and places it on the subject of rights and duties, such as commercial companies and government agencies, municipalities, etc. The legal entity is subject to any right Takes only what is devoted to humans, such as the fact that a legal person can not father or marry, and … may have a bank account or a debtor and a debtor.

Terms of contract:

There are many contracts made every day, each with conditions, is one of the important marriage contracts that are included in the marriage clause as a default, which may be added to it.

Start offense:

Starting a crime before the crime was put into effect means the actions taken to enforce the crime, but stopped because of an encounter with an external barrier, a crime that has not yet been fully implemented. It will not end.


Someone who has not reached puberty. The age of puberty is 15 months of age for a lunar boy and 9 months lunar.

Minor and non-audible:

Insofar as he recognizes his or her interest in a daily deal, such as buying a biscuit, it is said to be a minor, and if the minor does not have this attribute, he is referred to a minor.

Material and technical damage:

Dangers are the same financial and material harm. The spiritual condition is a disadvantage that comes to the detriment of the individual. For example, with the destruction of another property, he will be harmed and will be harmed by spreading the deceitfulness of the wrongdoing.

Illegitimate child:

The child is born of adultery.


The dissolution of a marriage is in the form of a permanent marriage and various forms of divorce, for example, in which a husband can reside with a divorce during divorces and not divorce, or the divorce of a woman for the abusive affair with a husband, It can be equal to or above and below the divorce rate of divorce and divorce, in which the man has the right to refer to the woman, except by marrying again with him and divorce, in which the woman and woman are disgusted by each other, by giving money to the husband who is more He is not separated from the amount of dowry.


The holder of a debt document such as a check, a promissory note, and … at the back of that sign, declares the document to be paid to someone else.


It is an agreement by which one party to the other allows the same property to not use the same property, such as to pay a loan to another.


The relative male relative of the assassin’s parent, in the order of the inheritance classes who, under the circumstances, are responsible for paying the Diyah, for example, a mad man who committed an unintentional murder, is paying the Diyah with his wisdom.


Unauthorized seizure on non-property

Some people:

For a woman who has been married in divorce, death, termination, or termination, a husband can not be held.

Marriage contract:

A contract is given to a person without any other party’s permission. For example, A sells B to a car dealership without a lawyer.

Unfair action:

Everything that is related to sex and has been shamed in accordance with the common law and general norms, and has prescribed for that punishment or measures of security and welfare. Like hiring their offspring, encouraging young people to commit sexual corruption, distributing images contrary to chastity for business purposes.


Legitimate measures taken to execute a warrant or a definite decision by a court of law enforcement or execution of registration of documents or other executive authorities.


The attribute is a document or debt that must be paid as soon as it is claimed by the holder, such as a dowry, which, upon the wife’s request, must be paid by the couple.


The legal outcome is the determination of the conformity or non-compliance of the contested decision with the procedural requirements and legal provisions enacted by the legislator in article 366 of the Civil Procedure Law.


The letter is usually written in the form of an agreement on the conclusion of an agreement in a specific case, and the guarantee of the violation is paid in a certain amount. These agreements are subject to Article 10 of the Civil Code.


The property is owned by more than one owner, and each owner owns the property as a whole. Now, if the owners of the property want to separate themselves, solutions to the law are foreseen, one of which is “partitioned”.


Natural land that is not prone to cultivating or producing wood can instead be used for grazing, aquaculture, wildlife development or recreation. In other words, it is a land pasture with a natural vegetation cover, whose vegetation is often perennial, bushy, sometimes bushy, and rarely scattered trees, and is trapped in the mystical chapter of livestock, and also has several functions such as water conservation And soil, environmental values and, if available, one of the sources of livestock feed.


Islam is for those who have cash capital and who for some reason do not want or can not afford the capital they possess and increase their property, and on the other hand, they want to be in a legal and legal way, whose inventory Increase.

Officer in Crime:

The quantity and quality of the involvement of individuals in committing a crime that is criminalized in a law may vary. Based on this, according to how they interfere in collective crimes, they are attributed to the offense or crime victim.


A lawyer is one who, by having a lawyer’s affiliation and membership in one of the centers of the lawyers of the judiciary by legal or legal persons (governmental or non-governmental), defends the rights of the client and answers to allegations and reasons, and presents them to prosecutors and courts And the offices of registration of documents and properties accepts.

Want to:

The absentee convict has the right to object to the absentee sentence, which is called a protest.


According to Article 795 of the Civil Code, heba is a contract by which a person transfers financially to another person free of charge; in other words, he makes his own property for another property.