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Due to the complex relations between individual and organization in today’s world and raise issues and problems in government agencies or private companies, requires the presence of one or more expert or legal adviser with managers over ever felt .

Legal advice to managers and stakeholders helps organizations to consider the responsibilities of criminal, civil, criminal and disciplinary decisions, decisions more accurate decisions, and also facing legal issues Organizational them in resolving problems help scored.

In corporations and government agencies usually have a legal department consisting of several legal expert matters relating to contracts of purchase and sale agreements and memorandums of understanding between the organizations and other legal devices to monitor and usually review and comment of the Legal Department is one of the steps above operations.

Private companies may hire a consultant to several small companies give legal advice or just hire a company. In large private companies as well as company executives the most influential and effective consulting team and a separate legal entity will also benefit.

Some legal advisors and specialized in specific areas of work. For example, a legal adviser only to companies and organizations, artistic and other sports organizations only gives advice.

Duties of Counsel

  • Prepared text and oversee the signing of contracts, company or organization
  • Provide the necessary information and legal affairs related to the types of tenders, auctions and …
  • Providing legal advice to managers and employees
  • Collect, check and adjust the information necessary for the preparation of rules, statutes, regulations, instructions, etc.
  • Perform all tasks related to registration, changes in the structure of enterprises and … (mainly private companies)
  • Collect the necessary data and use them to defend their respective organization or company in court Complaints and lawsuits and administrative

Skills and knowledge needed jobs Legal advice

  • Know the complete rules and Legal Affairs
  • The ability to make quick decisions and right
  • Be proper analysis
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Observe equity (especially in disputes between managers and employees)
  • Be good communication and attention to detail
  • Good skills in speaking and writing and the ability to convince others
  • The relative familiarity with other organizational issues, including employment issues, financial and …

The necessary education and how to counsel job

Expert or legal counsel usually lawyers who specialize in legal advice to companies and organizations the day. The following people can be working as an expert or lawyer. Graduates of the following fields can be entered into this job:


  • Theology – Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law
  • Theology – Islamic jurisprudence (especially University of martyr Motahari)

Also if you have a master’s degree from one of the following courses can be legal advice:

  • Private law
  • Law notary
  • Real Estate Registration Law
  • Legal documents and commercial contracts
  • International rights
  • Transport rights
  • Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Juvenile criminal law
  • public rights
  • Oil and gas rights
  • human rights
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Economic rights
  • Administrative Procedure Law
  • Artistic and Literary Rights
  • Environmental law
  • international Business law
  • family rights
  • International Trade and Economic Rights
  • Law firms
  • Communication Rights
  • Supervision and inspection
  • Management reform and judicial penalties
  • Administration of Justice

Career and labor market Legal advice

In today’s world to keep pace with the progress that has been made, its complexity has also increased. The complexity of the legal counsel of individual and organizational seen. Type of human relationships with each other, our organizations and people’s organizations have changed and many factors are involved. This type of complexity to work harder and more complex has some problems. On this basis, the rules have become more complex and rely on their expertise and experience it needs to defend itself.

Also today, in many cases ordinary people to defend their rights or to pursue legal claims of individuals, corporations or government agencies and government need to get advice from experts and legal advisors adept are no help from them sometimes reach the desired result seems impossible.

According to the above can be predicted employment growth and increased legal professionals in the coming years will be higher than the average for other occupations.

Salaries Counsel

Legal consultants who are employed in government agencies, in accordance with the Law on Civil Service Management paid. Those who work in the private sector, according to the expertise, experience, ability and in agreement with their employer, they have different incomes.

In the latest study, conducted in late 1392 by a number of career professionals the country, various groups have studied business in terms of revenue. On this basis, average salaries and expert legal advice on the various job is extracted.