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Land and Property

The word property has two meanings: the first property means immovable, such as easement easement stipulates in Article 93 that BC is right for someone else’s property

The second means: financial Malmyk for the person – not the lawful owner of the property 27 BC stipulates that the property is not permitted persons and entities can use it.

Civil law is set in three volumes:

inside the city limits and outside the scope of the wastelands, as well as state land is considered acceptable because it is of housing and urban Development It is now permissible and marking possession of immovable property in BC was predicted no logical sense because all land is owned.


Authorities identify land

Administrative and judicial branch authorities several decisions concerning the recognition of lands qualify them in determining the type of land form is objectionable to authorities.

Recognition of the national territory (the implementation of Article 56 in accordance with Article 9 Note 1: The meadows and forests, the provincial capital = (

Early Detection land of forests and rangelands and watershed of the country in every sphere of Records Department of Natural Resources is responsible for detecting current national territory.

Initial protest to recognize the competence of the Commission of the Law Concerning disposition of land dispute issue of implementation of Article 56 of the Law on national forests and grasslands and Review Commission He previously challenged in the courts, which under Article 9 of the increase in productivity (Note 1 Article

Reference detect non-urban wastelands

Non-urban wastelands recognize the jurisdiction of the seven-member delegation of the land based on the land, which the board’s decision can be appealed against in the judicial courts.

Endowment Lands detection

Within the competence of the organization’s endowments and appealed to detect the reference competent judicial authority

Detection of wastelands and barren within the city limits are:

Reference competent judicial branch to determine the type of land within the city limits:

The law abolishing property wastelands city approved 5/4/1358 Revolutionary Council defines the wastelands Bayer to procedural law, he postponed were the regulations still uncultivated and barren Unlike jurists Imami had defined so the arid lands are within the defined territory Mowatt was taken. So the blank whenever any upscale been declared dead.

Article 12 Commission

So that the urban land into 27/2/1360 for 5 years passed in this law body responsible for determining the lands to the three-member commission Yi composed of representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Housing and the local authority was transferred and the Commission on Article 12 of the law was on this basis that Article 12 is known to the Commission.

Law of the Land

After the time of implementation of this law, urban land law was adopted. Law, urban land that Article 9 of the Land Acquisition persons regardless of whether the waste is or not in need of Housing and Urban Development and other government agencies, property owners out there with regard to the existence of this provision (Article 9) ownership entities undermine and validity of the documents, which by law in accordance with Article 22 AH record has been somewhat discredited, and Article 3 BC to the legislator requires that the person’s property to all profit and productivity could have had marred accordingly Guardian Council jurists were opposed to the adoption of Article 9 of the Rykh Given that still expediency in the constitution was not foreseen, therefore, to end the observed difference between the parliament and the Guardian Council is far from Imam Khomeini (ra) asked, and he said if the reservation property time-bound is and there is no harm to the interests of the regime.

Unlike Article 12 of the Law on urban land that the composition of the Commission has specified the Article 12 of the Law of the Land of the diagnosis by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Article 14 of the Executive Regulations of urban land how to recognize the guidelines that the Department of Housing and Urban Development and timely enforces referenced his instruction on 20 / 5/1367 drafted and then signed by Minister of housing and Shhrs match the plaque adjacent property that can be used to stabilize the position. And image aerial map the location of land for which the official court expert to be reflected submitted to the Secretariat is the Secretariat of the Commission to investigate which of the earth to witness Civil subject (law abolishing property wastelands city approved 5/4/58 or opinion from the Commission recognize the Article 12 AH urban land Act 27/12/1360 issued or not issued a certificate of civil commission regarding the validity of the design of the case the Commission will not be allowed in the case of non-implementation and certification of civil by a vote of the Commission and, if necessary, attempt to schedule a meeting and site visit after approved in July 1334 = execution of 28/5/1331 by the Article 1 of the law of 28/5/1331 demands up to the barren lands without owner and uncultivated around the city of Tehran, at around following shall not be accepted Shd.shrqa and southern street Shahbaz Susa has a radius of 6 km northwards from the former Shah Reza side of the street outside a radius of 18 km, strangers from the street side 7 yards to military Radius of 36 km under Article 2 of the law, government regulators require the ratio to the territory of a requested record, and they have a bankroll construction of Dhd.srmayh bank building by land uncultivated or barren Bella owner has been funded claims and judgment being demanded, if the land is sold above or split or civil quality urban wastelands and it would cause the approved 5/4/1358 Introduction this law requires revolutionary Council Is: Because according to Islamic standards, wastelands property who is not known to the Islamic government and deeds in the former regime of the land uncultivated within the metropolitan area or outside it had been issued contrary to the principles of Islam and the interests of the people and development are as follows: the land was previously home ownership is listed in the document. If the building has already been in the ground and then crashed, and now the dream it was evident Bashddr This is equivalent to 4 times the area of ​​the building Mkhrvbhahya. Land under cultivation of crops and flower gardens that at least three-quarters (4/3) of its land area is under cultivation. the correct definition of waste not be inconsistent with the principles of law recognized by the demands of the people, by the administrative justice Court was canceled, but measures to repeal the law, he was invited continues to be to remain and the government earlier the property was owned by the State Expediency Council Nmvd.msvbh to solve the problems of arid lands Appointed 25 / 5/1367 all barren lands throughout the country in case of accidents by their owners without the government placed and in turn the owners of barren lands because of necessity bound to culture based on criteria of Agriculture to sell or rent or sharecropping Wasteland their own, Bashd.astfsaryh left of the Expediency Discernment Council: question: Whereas in accordance with Directive 25/5/1 367 of the Assembly on the problem of land Bayrbh government authority has been barren lands more than 5 years without reasonable excuse, Bella cultivation has remained in the possession and under the regulations to persons delegate requesting theory Expediency Council about inclusion whether or not the above-mentioned law to confirm your endowments Grdd.jvab: endowments of the Act, including copper Tsny is. “Land and property summary” history and process of implementation of the provisions of the Law on Property Summary Due to the expansion and the large number of properties are summarized in different areas such as governance and operation and collection of revenue and royalties from the occupants of the property are very difficult and impossible, and in most of the law of the State to rape and abuses were the other hand, the government’s policy on this is that while their own under the supervision and administration of the above properties to release the salaries of land above under conditions occupants and operators of real legal and assign them. was given to the people.

And in October 1310 a law called the law of independent transitional parliament passed during which people could Estate crown colony milled transitional buy in December 1312. Another law called Act on the sale of short milled passed the House that according to which the legislator to state allowed with the exception of Tehran in areas where the interests knows Property summary sell in November 1316 the sales summary milled around Tehran passed the House rose, while government policy on the Bodo about property sales summary to the parties in addition to income for the state in some the nomads in the hair the law allows pastures and crown colony government in Azerbaijan Khans Shahsavan for nomads same region adopted with regard to the province Khvzsta of one of the regions in the country in terms of the large number of properties summary. Therefore, in the Persian date Farvardin 1314 law on the sale and transfer Property summary of the Province of parliament passed after the adoption of in 1336 the Commission adopted Regulation Agricultural Finance House rose to the Edge in 1354 a law was not foreseen under the law to determine the Satisfied arable and Lords newly around people in rural Vmzar briefly passed the House, and according to the law requires that the lands captured persons Property summary of the arena owners of upscale on the estate of the said conditions in the law by the Board, whose members the board is composed of several ministries and government agencies to evaluate and sold them. Meanwhile, on land, independent and competition in the urban areas in accordance with Article 7 of the dissolution of the Board a summary of spices which provides: land non-cultivated fields and objects constructed behalf of the crown colony and gardens real summary and water resources in cities and connects the city to a certain radius for each of the Ministry of Interior, HUD and the land reform will determine the rights and claims related to housing and urban development awarded necessarily confirm that the current provisions of law summary of spices and law to determine the dissolution of the firm’s newly affluent lands from the people in the countryside and benefits the country was the need for the monitoring and management and disposition of the property will eventually be done carefully and responsibly enough.

But studying the records would indicate devices that are directly responsible for recording property and discussed the follow-up and collection of property income has been so much attention and sensitivity to this is not so in every province, very small unit responsible for property management summary Herbs that certainly such a unit is not able to protect the rights of the state and cut off the hands of abusers estate land above and prosecution of the judicial authorities and the receipt of income from taking effective action would, however, during the reign of Reza Shah with the adoption of laws organization summary milled somewhat control and property management summary of vegetables situation Less by individuals through demand registered his name continues and due to the lack of protest at the constitutional deadline of the relevant authorities these properties have named persons were recorded and thousands of public domain in the general registration and mandatory property by persons apply recognizes that real estate property in the name of persons registered office and moved him round Ten and reached to her through inheritance and estate office reached record only that person is the owner. Because of negligence and collusion with the operators of the property very briefly through the register of state-owned entities and individuals came to the property. If the incumbents Property summary were required property the fuel demand registered and the name of the document property acquisition undertake not only a legal obligation to not do but to ask people protest have not.

“Status quo crown colony” Now the crown colony that in the country there is the value of these lands is very low and that part of the crown colony within the city, and upscale the law revolutionary Council approved in 1358 the custodian of these lands, local councils is the land within the city limits was and is not responsible for such territory upscale housing organizations and Urban and land outside the city limits and as farm and garden custodian of these lands, agriculture is the Municipal Housing and Urban Development and Agriculture regulations are required such land to farmers based on royalties and occupants of the the rent for 12 years left them. “land reform” History reforms Arazyps of law enforcement briefly milled in the Property summary and Property Rights in the side of the rural community of fitness massive transformation, landlord and change of ownership and use of land have been and the government took the position according to regions The necessity of such a change and structural reforms in the land deemed necessary. Therefore, the government in 1338 a bill to land reform, submitted the bill on 26 / 2/1339 passed the House rose, but because the law in some cases, the Executive has first, law enforcement has been called the land reform: based on this law were obliged owners (D) if the amount of their property in the country more than a village six pieces that the owner of six dengue as a quorum for himself and others to convey to the government introduce and with regard to the law enforcement Mzkvr in the country at the same time because of the extent of the property Mzkvr very difficult to control and evaluate the absence of government to a bit of experience and estimation problems and defects and to prepare public opinion and whole strata owners of the different parts of the country, Maragheh as a sample area and the pilot for the implementation of the agrarian reform law Ads were selected and required to area homeowners to adjust Azharnam Relevant and the introduction of property subject to the newspapers proliferate Alantsharkshvr published and law enforcement practice in this area was started and subsequently the rule of law across the region started with the early harvest of the implementation of the agrarian reform law, abolition of landlord in the rural community of Iran and the division of property owners to explain the fact that the law does S territorial action with bugs and uncertainties facing the country enough experience and necessary for the implementation of the law, not for the first time such a law in the country runs Grdydv the other hand, in the early 40 parliamentary time in the state of nature remains.

accession to the land reform law, property owners are required quorum was about 6 Dong Xu The following is one of 3 alternative and act. / 1342 bylaws He Parliament adopted joint Commission to compromise and divide the property owner relationship with farmers King interrupted exclusively in properties variant of the action was and still communicate with landowners and farmers were left with the government for the relationship between owners and farmers in the property subject to the country’s cut and cut off a third round draft law entitled by law distribution and sale of Amal property in proportion to the ownership interest between themselves and Zaryndr the sale of the property by the owner of a farmer’s income by 12 years of property to the transaction was considered that the farmer must be 12 years transaction price to the owner’s. “chart run three stages of the land reform law “the first stage (land reform (the cost of all land and rural property covered by the government (with the exception of a Ten 6-Dong (the sale of agricultural land to farmers ownership of the state of the wastelands and barren and other surplus Nsq Zraymrhlh second land reform: alternative of thirty years (without break) subparagraph sale to compromise alternative split the royalties alternative purchase the right to the root of farmers alternative a stock unit crops (without break) the third stage of land reform: agreement between owners and farmers for land distribution in proportion to ownership interest requirement and force owners to sell land to farmers (rent for 12 years, that price) “law to determine the status of registration of land and buildings without official documents “as a result of land reform and land reform in the current situation From 1340 to 1358, 14 of the Act by Parliament time to implement agrarian reform law adopted 17 / 9/1358 Revolutionary Council Act by adding a provision to Article 38 of the Regulations land reform has passed at 21/4/1359 bill to bail gardens lands and waters right granted to farmers in the implementation of the agrarian reform law passed revolutionary Council Rsyd.btarykh 13 / 2/1359 bill for part of the completion of the land reform law was passed revolutionary Council.

Therefore, implementing rules and regulations of land reform in three stages until the victory of the Islamic Revolution in more than 90% of the property subject to the country’s approximately one hundred thousand villages and farms were carried out and terminate accepted, but after the victory of Islamic Revolution Considering that in rural dichotomy and disharmony emerged stop construction work for officials in the country finally, much of the Expediency Council recommended system and with the approval of Act 2/3/1370 expediency regarding the disposition of the remaining villages Vmzar and property subject to land reform agreements have been made a land subject to land reform 3 the aim of land reform with political, Based social and economical .1) political goal: the Land Reform Act with respect to the situation at the village level implementation has been more important political goal of all goals. Because they believed that to carry out any reforms in the country should be primarily political power of large landowners, particularly in sensitive areas of the country is largely reduced due Until then date of owners as well as in rural areas have influence and the extremely high have been different organizations and foundations political and administrative decision makers of the country’s power and was a strong influence, especially in the National Assembly when always Tdadksyry of MPs from large landowners areas, but in the power transmission owners to farmers and outpost support among farmers for the hair Implementation of agricultural development programs and system utilization for different regions of the country agricultural growth and production facilitate and accelerate the transformation and equitable distribution of land among farmers and increase per capita income of the state of education and life prosperous Yi for them the idea is: to create proprietary was as expected, very successful and work there and now Considering that the extensive research which proved that problems in rural and primarily agricultural sector almost have been identified during the development of agriculture as the centerpiece and foundation of economic development in the country it is hoped that the Ministry of Agriculture has been detected on the Edge on the surface it appears this law replace 147 and 148 reform law has been recorded, but in the context of significant differences with the law.

in such a difference is that in the latest amendment to Article 147 registration Act legislator in Article 1 has appointed the upscale ones which has been constructed on areas due to legal restrictions on ownership for this property Mysore is not the construction of objects and Article 1 provides that before the 1 / 1/1370 is. This part of the article 2 major drawback to 0.1) Date of Lords and how to recognize it for representative and surveyor was difficult and agents and surveyors, each to his own taste on the construction of upscale Ratyyn was leading to abuse and crunch right to create a lot of he is also the part that legislator had ordained because of legal restrictions on ownership of Mysore no legal obstacles in law recognized had been various interpretations of legal obstacles were to carry out in practice led to divergent views were the majority of the registered office of the province Yi sense of taste were legal obstacles 0.2) or Cal which the law was of Lords interpretation unit made did not come and the latest interpretation of Lords took it as a directive Yi Organization of the local tradition handed in this regard due to the uncertainty of upscale abuse and crunch the lot shall come try to fix the date of the law to determine the construction of upscale upscale prospective time-bound vector of law and property purchased as well Blamnaz As captured have Nyzagr formal owner to the registration office visit and declare that I am, then the case before the dispute settlement rate expires exports and also if the condominium and the unit owners Condominium online and existence. In this case also the subject of subject to the law to determine now goes out in relation to the case before a negative decision is issued, then the applicant declares that the formal owner does not have access and it pursuant to Article 1 approval obtain in this case can be re-filing data and taking ownership Bnmayd.jht case law of the the head of housing and urban Development, and if outside the city limits and agricultural lands head of Jihad and Agriculture 3) the President of registration place consequently the board of dispute resolution is Grddbray each domain registration legislator board considered that, although the law of the forecast However, in order to facilitate the organization is not registered under the directive if the volume is high demand Hey Male R witnesses and informants legal Emirates (capture) captured the undisputed possessor explicitly established.

۱۵ days published after the expiration of two months from the date of publication of the first notice if no objection deed for the applicant Sadrdv be betrayed the dispute settlement panels have attended all three members of the board recognized by the majority of 2 out of 3 people Production will be Bashd.zmna verdict estate lands are subject to the law previously or Recorded or is that much of it has recorded to be so contrary to the Article 147 and 148 of the board voted for the declaration registration for real estate passive al-Maliki said the current law or the property is registered or the details of No registration is required. the task of applying the map matching surveyor currently, no regulations are void and shall be transcendence of Agriculture M. However, a member of the Board of dispute resolution head of Agriculture is after obtaining the approval of agriculture in any way that is far in the dispute resolution for consideration and decision duly taken and if the dispute settlement panels voted against.