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International Affairs

It is obvious today with the development of international relations, trade and industry laws and regulations are complex and competition among the population, the need for consultation with experts is inevitable. Especially effective in the vast and dynamic consulting and international trade law, guarantee the correct and lawful establishment and continuation of natural and legal persons is a transnational interactions. Activity in the international arena, for companies, businessmen, and for international institutions requires knowledge and mastery of international law in the world, dating to the rules and conventions and international treaties integral part of international efforts persons and Today, all agree that the development of trade in economic importance is undeniable. International trade leads to international division of labor and expertise, and enhance communication among countries in the world have provided. Now the leading countries in terms of public welfare that can play an effective role in international trade. International Institute for Legal Asia with the aim of having a stake in the growth and development of communities legal, commercial and industrial, in the domestic and international, to the benefit of experienced professors and legal professionals and technical and honor the use of organizations own in particular international organizations, to provide legal services to pay. International Institute of Law and International Law Asia to provide services as follows:

Drawing up of international contracts

Legal advisory services in the areas of domestic and international investment.

Accept and carry out all legal matters of domestic and international arbitration with the arbitration decision and its implementation

Providing contract services, leasing, investment, opening of letters of credit, bank guarantees and letters of credit and contracts.

Provide legal advice in matters of customs, import and export virtual goods with considerable commercial law.

Provide legal advice on the stock, OTC and finance and banking

Legal advisory services at different levels of management to understand legal director of works and civil and criminal responsibilities of rights management

Provide legal advice on the establishment and operation of the mining industry and business needs customers

Legal advisory services on contractual guarantees and the possibility to modify or determine the type and its implementation

Legal advisory services in the field of registration of foreign trade companies, registered brand name and business logo, set the minutes of general assemblies, setting the company’s charter, conversion and liquidation, liquidation and bankruptcy.

Customs consulting services to owners of imported goods, commodity exporters, customs clearance and brokerage conservative customs workers.

Participation in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, parties and multi-party domestic and international levels

Various commercial contracts, civil, partnership, agency, banking, credit, investment and specialized monitoring their implementation

The interpretation of international agreements with respect to specific professional practices and procedures according to customers’ requirements

Providing legal services related to labor, tax, legal maritime transport, air and ground to specialize.

Signing contracts and oil, energy and petrochemical

Provide contractual services in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Provide counseling and legal in terms of investment in construction projects, refineries, industrial, transportation, utilities, electrical power generation, telecommunications, tourism, educational, residential, office and commercial, health, recreation, sports, agriculture And……