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Execution of documents

Debt means the obligation and responsibility. The obligation of the document, committed against the obligee is responsible for the commitment on the obligation. Whether this obligation, the payment of a sum of money or do something.

Document stating owe an obligation to pay cash or pay for sex (which she is responsible for its overall sex) like a pile of wheat document payment obligation.

More on the means used. Records in the document means provided in reform and general documents relating to transactions with a right of refund (meaning documents Registration Act Article 33-34) is used. Execution of documents obligation may lead to seizure if they do not owe, but the implementation of the document.

Document obligation in terms of registration, always against collateral documents are used. Clause 6 of Article 34 of the law says: “In the case of mortgage transactions, the creditor can nullify the mortgage. In case of accidents, the mortgage will be debt free and enforcement actions based on the documents. “This means that the document obligation of poetry, thanks to (commit), collateral to the creditor (obligee) is entrusted. Thus, the document deals with the right to restitution obligation against all types (documents collateral) is placed.

The difference with the document collateralized debt document

The difference with the document bail bond document in the document obligation of creditor claims collection of all property of the debtor, except for the debt exceptions. The document collateral, creditor claims collection, only financial collateral demands he has done. The document bail, as the law requires Clause 6 of Article 34, the option to turn the mortgagee that the mortgage. Because the mortgage contract and to allow the mortgagee to the mortgagor is required. But the document is not the obligation of the authority to the creditor. The ruling principle of action, because the debtor (mortgagor) is present, for example, your home is the collateral religion. In this case, we might add debt exceptions, limited to the debtor’s life and after his death, the collection will be demanded of them. What the document or the document collateral obligation of the collateral and mortgage debt exceptions is given, but the creditor of the collateral (mortgages) away, and then, the debtor (mortgagor) dies.

Execution of documents and collateral debt

Regulations implementing the provisions of Article 4 of the Second Amendment, ratified in 1355 … “the executive board can be issued only to the issues that are listed in the document Mnjza.”

Based on the same basis to review the rules governing the implementation of the document will pay bail.

Execution of documents obligation

In execution of documents debt and mortgage or collateral of the date on which the executive is communicated, within ten days, must be performed on time in the documents obligation of the debtor, or arrange to pay their debt and give financial or introduce an implementation document is possible. Debtors who are unable to pay for part or all of their debt is not an obligation whenever afford to pay all or part of your debt is to pay it.

is not able to pay their own costs of trial or liabilities. 1379 comes into operation. The lawsuit insolvency by claims of insolvency requires a verdict, he and the obligation to pay the penalty or issuing an execution registration and as a result of the judgment of insolvency prohibits the arrest or release of insolvent from prison and on the executive of the registration authority to detain not owe, the insolvency and even insolvency petition does not affect the verdict and are futile so such a claim lacks legal validity. That, contrary to the theory proved Insolvency in the case of executive effect and Registration Office under Article 37 of the Law of insolvency on those assets or no assets sufficient to pay all debts not but benefit their job to all or part of the debt

sentence issued against the person or financial solvency of religion can not handle the demand.

Executives collateral documents Eder is obviously not in the context of the request for the issuance of Executive against those who do it. Gftarsvm) Contents Ajrayyhhmantvr that Article 92 of Law has decreed: “signified all official documents relating to debt and other movable property without the need for a ruling from the Court of Justice binding. ‘Against Article 93 of the Law” All official documents relating to property transactions registered Home office document requested by the regulator. “with this introduction we can say that the demand may Movable or immovable or cash or commitment.

defer not apparitor while the benefits (if the executive of interest also been issued) to the obligee has submitted a receipt will be unless the property in the possession of non and the possessor of the same interests that claim to ownership of the in this case, it is not committed protesting sergeant could go to court if the executive was registered with the surrender of immovable property and The possessor of the same interests that claim to ownership, in which case the sergeant complained of not being committed can go to court if the executive to submit immovable property was registered and the proprietor of the benefits by virtue of a court order or Sndrsmy issued the owner (the date it is first come obligee) the right to claim property rights and possessions with the ruling document or official document delivered to the obligee is given. Obligee if raper can be on the court. “Article 28 of the Regulations implementing the provisions …

Act 1355 provides:” If the executive submits the same immovable is registered but committed to document it on prior to the official document to another has shifted the obligee can pays by the application of registration if the case requires judicial review is not refundable.

“the face of Article 29 of the regulations implementing the provisions … Act 1355 which provides:” Whenever the issue of executive also movable and access or property and not general obligation pledge of commitment as it refuses or can not be found outside the obligee A price of implementation of the obligation to ask in this case the head of enforcement at the Center Manager or registered in the prices mentioned by expert determination and commitment will be made unless the document otherwise between the parties, provided that the act is The discussion on the implementation of Article 34 of the law on the issues that matter executive pay cash are: the meaning of “claim” as of Article 34 of the law and the amendments it is concluded all seeking the creditor at the time of issuance of Executives is. Including principal, interest, damages and margin. So if you owe part of their debt before the issue of executive pay is obviously not the creditor could not pay for. For this reason, Article 34 of the law says:

“… if the creditor part of the debt would have received if the property transfer him to cash receipts and withdrawn” if the creditor with respect to that part of debt before the issuance of executive receipt and for others seeking issuance of the executive are subject to Article 131 of law will be Article 131 of the law says: “right binding documents binding half a tithe of who runs against him will be obtained unless the creditor without the right to demand is implemented, in which case the creditor has the right to that part which is not of his own Makhvd. “if the environment Sbh mistake and ultimately bail bid or auctioned If the purchaser in the House and the auction purchase transaction after deducting the additional amount that belongs to the debtor will rest as the principle of delay and commission … to ask the creditor to he paid and if the buyer was not a creditor in the event the auction would buy must meet auction renewal, which of course may delay an increase in the delay or penalty clause that the amount owed will increase the again, to the detriment of the creditor.

Source receipt of the demand is the same as the document is written and rape is not. So if your property has a million rial bail and debits due to non-payment of claim requests the issuance of the executive and the executive in the amount of two million rials, including principal and interest, and honorarium … is issued, it is clear that this executive problematic because Rhynh only up to one million rials has been on bail, and if demand is greater than to be subject to the provisions of debt instruments. mortgage banks, the demand for currency and in the sense that sums facilities, foreign currency and banks because of fluctuations in the value of the rial, the principle of demand and currency demand are, but because they account for half tithe easier, it to Real constituent are in such a case, it is clear at all stages of implementation of operations

In such cases, Article 282 of the Civil Code rule. However resolve the dispute with the competent court is. “The meaning of the phrase” However resolve a dispute with the competent court is “the creditor deference to declare the debtor (which is based on Article 282 of the Civil Code) is not the creditor should Obviously, the court referred to the court of creditor flow operation is not recorded unless the court in this case the issue.

The demand may be of seeking creditor prior to addition to seeking creditor governed by, for example, Article 34 of the frequent law says: “Any credits that the right to request arrest the debtor’s property also can all debt subject of the document creditor other well-paid government employees Act 1355 says: “In trading mortgage or right of refund … traders can by indicating the creditor front and the expiry date of the document in front, traded for other loans collateral or security” and Clause 3 of Article confirm that “… the creditor deal late after the end of the document before you can make use of Article 34 of the frequent reform law before selling the property through an auction or document transferring the property to the creditor prior to all debt subject of the document prior to payment or Ayda in this case the operations performed simultaneously to both the document and the auction starting amount of the creditor seeking payment Payment of religion to attach principle and accessories of the document prior damage and admin rights will be … “also to Article 116 of the Regulations implementing the provisions … Act of 1355” The arrest of additional collateral in accordance with the principle and accessories of issue of the document creditor prior to the issuance of executive document Moghaddam’s request for the issuance of the executive on the basis of both demand and accessories make it.

“the result Gyrymadh 92 Real estate registration law, signified all official documents, without the need for a ruling from the court of Justice, entry into force is known. Article 50 Regulations Notarial and the second clause of Article 4 regulations implement the provisions of official documents in force on this subject indicate. Is the official document of executive power, which means that the legislative provisions applicable knows the official document without the need for court proceedings and rulings have. But the documents regular basis is on the executive power. Documents obligation and documents collateral as the documents are to implement it in the regulations listed in the analysis of the provisions of the detailed demands, but what this research, which were conveyed means that for the execution of documents collateralized debt instruments of regulation more sophisticated than has been thought.

Executive that will be issued by the court with a petition requesting the Executive. In execution of documents debt and mortgage or collateral of the date on which the executive is communicated, within ten days, must be performed on time in the documents obligation of the debtor, or arrange to pay their debt and give financial or introduce an implementation document is possible. If the executive does not have to be able to implement the provisions of its assets over the same period comprehensively to implement responsible fiscal and if not explicitly stated.

Debtors who are unable to pay for part or all of their debt is not an obligation whenever afford to pay all or part of your debt is to pay it. “Notary after the authentication request and the aforesaid authority to request the issuance of the executive is a copy of the document in the leaves, especially, within 24 hours with a legible in 3 versions (if committed one, and if multiple or securities owned by the pledged not to each of committals and the collateral are 2 versions added) prepare and issue that should be in place for the text (if the issuance of the problem is) within 48 hours of the receipt of the demand leaves the executive signed and a special stamp (to be implemented) was completed and implemented by the responsible sends and receives. If a notary to issue executive with the problem face to its issuance declined by discussing the difficulty of recording the inquiry and duties are to real estate a copy of the executive office to be imposed by the applicable registration place transmitted and registration is required within 3 days of state registration of property and distinctly Not to implement the notice and the receipt of the detailed information communicated executive action is not (Article 4 and 5 of the bylaws to implement the provisions of the … Act of 1355)

Notarial also bound to issue executive any type of document binding on the executive in

remarks recorded on the date and sign indicating “(Article 7 of the regulations implementing the provisions of … approved in 1355),” application of registration must be received executive to arrange the date of receipt for record in the office “(Article 13 of the regulations implementing the provisions … Act 1355)