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Faith pure Islam which its laws to underpin a strong and deep-rooted nature of the building, and regulatory demands and elasticities of nature and human nature and it is to “work” respects and unlike some religions, their followers to work lay and withdrawal of false counts.

Muslim leaders said in the news: “Eyak and Alksl …. “. (Beware of malaise and weakness).

Why is that man should live and life in this world have to work out. Personality and the long shadow of hard work achieved and who wants to benefit society should work. give them free and magnanimity, independent and proud of his own world.

History practicing law

Fans law since emerged that the use of force to resolve their dispute has been ignored.

Lawyer is an independent organ of judicial services. Lawyer to free labor, employment and business activity with different kinds of activities. Lawyer practicing in all areas of legal advice and representation is independent.

The attorney, which detects some kind of agency – in Greece prevailed and even it can be considered one of the causes of logic and philosophy there. Attorney in ancient Rome as well as fan delicate come in and promote full and people to show or prove their rights in court to those of verbal skills and reasoning benefit and the law knew law were in court and in front governors defend their rights.

Acceptable holy legislator located in Saint cases it can be seen.

The concept of practicing law

Every individual has the right legal framework in the field of rights, the services of a lawyer of their choice will benefit. Anyone can do to get advice, both before the courts, in arbitration and the other institutions and authorities, a lawyer will determine at its discretion.

The spending legislation can not be all things right. Law can not only by outlaws who do not observe the law, is raped, but said, “Stern stern» The reality is eternal.

Where’s human rights Tqyt the process, mistakes will happen and may inadvertently caused such injustice.

Law and its importance in modern societies

All of the people’s rights in the formulation and legal issues can not be predicted. Each case law exists on its own dispute resolution can not be, but need to be a judge, and it has to act with truth, adapt, with Vjdantryn claimants in the case that morality and conscience or personal interests, she friction Find it, ignore it, wherever there is a judge of a lawyer is necessary.

In addition to the foregoing attorneys intervention in cases of psychological impact is profound. Proverb that says, “The Lord of the visible and invisible world, Although is aware, nevertheless between himself and his creature are put through.

To parties who, like themselves, caring and cheerful optimism and hear her remarks and insider secrets is needed.

She says: “the agency of that judgment are as old and as noble as righteousness, piety, and Han is so necessary in justice.” “Despite all the constraints lawyer Ben