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Duties Law and Contracts

A: Duties legal

Judicial proceedings in vindication of the rights of government

A – Penal Matters

Such as (embezzlement, fraud, breach of trust, theft, forgery and abuse, etc.) that the process is as follows.

* Set file a complaint Complaint

* Court filing in the relevant branches

* Keep track of judicial authorities (police, Knowledge)

* Introducing representatives and participants to achieve results on time and follow-up and implementation of the judgment

(B) Legal Affairs

* Preparation of lawsuits

* Petition submitted to the competent judicial authority to investigate and prepare the necessary documentation.

* The hearing after appointment

* Execution of sentence and follow-up

Investigate and respond to lawsuits filed and against University

Such as loss and damage claim the vacant possession Ajvr outstanding dedication and commitment to the bill, prepared the necessary documents, participate in hearings

Investigate and respond to complaints criminal

Study, participation in administrative justice court hearings

Survey responses attend the hearings the Court of Justice administrative complaint against the natural and juridical persons affiliated institutions, especially universities and training centers and human resources

Dealing with cases of administrative authorities

Delegations tax: study of tax records and tax proceedings

Board Diagnostic Dispute Resolution Department of Labor and Social Affairs

Board diagnostic Social Security to investigate cases of non-payment of premiums

Commission on Article 100: Investigation of cases related to violations of building densities and land uses such as adding the non-compliance

And handle contracts

Preparation of draft contracts in different departments with legal and natural persons and legal office confirmed

Contracts, facility, engineering, construction, development, construction painting

Service contracts, prepare and cook food, transportation service

Medical Equipment Purchase Agreements (Exchange), Order Hardware

Training contracts, research, research, advertising, consulting, writing and publishing books and magazines

Room facilities maintenance service contracts, construction, transport and installation

Contracts for design and planning software

Rental contracts for the delegation of some of the properties of the natural or legal persons

Contracts assigning the land

Preparation and drafting amendments, amendments and agreements related to contracts

Assessment of service committals

The study of academic commitment and compensation of committals service

Obtaining a formal commitment of those who are introduced to training courses to the office.

Committals to the service to track documents (medical students, nurses, paramedics) and Tarkyn termination of service as well as documents that their commitment has been spent.

Commitment to research opportunities

Obtaining collateral civilian and non-civilian applications for scholarship

Acting in the jaw document if the obligations undertaken by the Bureau and the application of registration to the results

In case of non-fulfillment of the obligation of issuing an execution request and send it to the application of registration for claims collection

Correspondence with the department staff responsible for the amount claimed and deducted from his salary

Evaluation of registration

Monitoring and acting on the request of the Chief Executive of the documents mandated to collect and State University Law

Collecting the required documents in due process of registration of property during the protests are natural and legal persons.

Preparation of documents (formal or informal) transactions such as buying and selling of mortgages.

Demand for property has issued a document on the document has not been issued to them.

  1. Description of the tasks of the contract
  2. Review and approval of contracts with the rules and procedures of such units
  3. Frequency, type Zmatnnamh faith and commitment treaties with the rules and regulations of financial and transactional University
  4.  (۳) maintain records of contracts sent to units in support of contracts
  5. Registration of licenses issued by financial and human resources data in tables of information entrusted to private sector
  6. Set the supervisory checklists based on existing contracts and monitoring group of experts to visit
  7. transferring to the private sector in terms of subject-related kidney experts
  8. modify the conditions of the various units tenders and bids for tender or auction process
  9. The degree of difference between the left and contractors in the implementation of the contract (Article 64 of the Financial Regulation, University of dispute resolution committee)
  10.  with weaknesses in contracts for project management experts committee
  11. undergraduate and compiling tables of Statistics and Information Services Support
  12.  expert and develop key criteria for the implementation of the Convention in contract management and support services
  13. correspondence and strategies regarding the operational units of the technical conditions of the tender and contract support services
  14. interface with the Department of Labor State University for the necessary inquiries in cases of dispute and clarify the guidelines issued by the assignor and contractor
  15. Chel planning and support service evaluation list
  16. The expert review and public and private tenders and auctions agreement to divest
  17.  degree transfer programs (cook food materials, support services, etc.) to the private sector
  18. Preparation of samples needed for the transfer of contracts
  19. collecting, organizing and preparing database
  20. Vagzarhayy executive instruction services, facilities, cook, Nqlyh
  21. tender and contract the provision of services, facilities, cook, Nqlyh
  22. review and approve major contracts to commission and maintain Mnaqsat
  23. set the annual salary and benefits analysis table job classification plan and approved by Council b deposited bills The financial affairs of the Deputy developed after each meeting Tender / Mzaydh
  24. prepared agenda and communicated to the units after the tender / Mzaydh
  25. classified and matched records of tenders and auctions archiving in the binder of Mrbvth
  26. collected the unit
  27. preparation of the tender / bid based on the documentation hair Elimination of defects types of contracts Gzshth
  28. statistics tenders / auctions conducted by the Department of development and management of hospitals Pshtybany
  29. monitoring contracts as a direct supervisor University