today Wednesday, June , 2019

“We believe that we will do everything, Able, if it deserves to be sustained and is willpower”

Asian Institute of International Law, including specialized institutions with the aim of Legal Affairs, in various fields and BadarabvdnLawyers and enjoy the views and advice of the best lawyers highest professional groups that their expertise in each of the groupsDomestic and international legal arena, try to limit their ability to identify and enjoying Dos and Don’ts The laws and regulations of their professional knowledge, providing the best legal services in every sector be diligent.

Given the complexity of individual and organizational relationships in today’s world and the increasing problems and problems in government agencies or private companies, the need for the presence of one or more experts or legal advisors alongside managers is felt more than ever.

If we look at the system of creation carefully, we find that God has set the world on the basis of the movement and work, and has based the evolution of the creatures on this basis. From particle to sun, each small and large creature, if resisted from work and work, is in a state of their own, damaging this great system, and creating a break in their evolutionary path.

Absolute sovereignty over the world and man is God, and he has ruled man over his social destiny. No one can deny this divine right or serve the interests of a particular person or group of people. The Iranian nation has exercised this right through the principles of the Constitution, and, in accordance with Principles 113 and 121, has entrusted the President with responsibility for the implementation and protection of the Constitution.

Asia International Law Institute

Obviously, today, with the expansion of international relations, complex laws and regulations and competition among the people of trade and industry,

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