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The price of Diyat was announced in 1396. By issuing a newsletter of the head of the judiciary, the amount of the Diyam tribal is ninety-six 210 million dollars. Referring to the recent directive of the head of the judiciary, the Director General of Public Relations and Procedures of the Judiciary, announced the amount of Diyat in 2000, two billion and 100 million rials, equivalent to 210 million USD. Hassan Rahimi, expressing the text of the circular of the head of the judiciary, stated: “In the implementation of article 549 of the Islamic Penal Code approved in 1392, the amount of Diyat-ul-Mula in non-war months has been set at two billion and 100 million rials since the beginning of 1396.” The deadline for criminal complaint regarding the check Is it right? For a criminal complaint, the holder of the check must return to the bank within six months from the date of receipt (date of receipt); otherwise, the matter is not subject to prosecution; since the date of issue of the certificate of non-payment, it has six months to file a complaint to The court will provide a judicial authority, it is evident that if it is not referred within this period, the matter will not be subject to time lapse and no criminal prosecution. – Will the scam crime be subject to time lapse? Fraud will not be subject to time lapse, which is more than the amount specified in Article 36 of the Islamic Penal Code is 100 million tomans and will be subject to time lapse. If the killer is not identified, what is the responsibility of the Diyat? If a person is killed And the killer is not recognized or killed by overcrowding. Diyah is paid from Beat Al Malam. How to deal with Czech cases? The processing of a litigation is immediate and out of date. Of course, paid checks and travel can not be stopped unless the bank makes a claim. – Men will keep records of the maintenance of a woman’s alimony; if the work of your unmarried God wants to divorce, the husband must provide evidence that he will pay the woman’s alimony throughout the day. The couple’s imprisonment in the event of non-payment of the dowry to the limit of 110 coins, the deputy head of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, said: “In a maid of up to 110 coins, the man is obliged to pay no attention to the marriage, This amount is paid by the taxpayer, otherwise the court can, with the opinion of the woman, arrest the man To die. If there is more than enough money, then merely a pecuniary sanction will be the payment criterion, and if the man is not able to do so, Mahryh will not hold more than 110 coins and will be treated in pairs in accordance with Article 2 of the Financial Convictions Act. The custody of the son of a mother to the mother without the provision of alimony is really a new oppressive mother. The amendment to Article 1169 and the transfer of custody of the son of a child until the age of 7 years have given the mother a different reflection on the mother, and it seems that there will be more reflections in the near future. . -The duty of the wife of the wife after the death of the right to demand a summery is always for the benefit of it That, even if the wife is not alive. Therefore, after the wife’s death, the wife’s inheritance can be demanded from her husband by the husband of the deceased husband from her husband. What is the cost of paying a diyah? The deadline for payment of Diyah, since the crime was deliberately caused by Diyah, is one lunar year. What is the deadline for payment of Diyah? The Deity is a predecessor to a certain amount established in the sacred religion due to an unlawful crime on the part of the soul or a deliberate crime or interest in cases where there is no retaliation. According to the law, the offender has the opportunity to pay the Diyat to pay the Diyah Slowly Therefore, the perpetrator should not be pressured to pay the total amount of money within a few days or a substantial amount of it in a limited time. -Article 488 of the Islamic Penal Code states that the grace period for the payment of Diyah is from the time of the crime, as follows: Another syntax has been disturbed: a) deliberately causing a diyeh, in a lunar year; b) in a pseudo-intentional manner; within two years of the lunar month; p. In pure error; within three lunar years

“We believe that we will do everything, Able, if it deserves to be sustained and is willpower”

Asian Institute of International Law, including specialized institutions with the aim of Legal Affairs, in various fields and BadarabvdnLawyers and enjoy the views and advice of the best lawyers highest professional groups that their expertise in each of the groupsDomestic and international legal arena, try to limit their ability to identify and enjoying Dos and Don’ts The laws and regulations of their professional knowledge, providing the best legal services in every sector be diligent.

Given the complexity of individual and organizational relationships in today’s world and the increasing problems and problems in government agencies or private companies, the need for the presence of one or more experts or legal advisors alongside managers is felt more than ever.

If we look at the system of creation carefully, we find that God has set the world on the basis of the movement and work, and has based the evolution of the creatures on this basis. From particle to sun, each small and large creature, if resisted from work and work, is in a state of their own, damaging this great system, and creating a break in their evolutionary path.

Absolute sovereignty over the world and man is God, and he has ruled man over his social destiny. No one can deny this divine right or serve the interests of a particular person or group of people. The Iranian nation has exercised this right through the principles of the Constitution, and, in accordance with Principles 113 and 121, has entrusted the President with responsibility for the implementation and protection of the Constitution.

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Obviously, today, with the expansion of international relations, complex laws and regulations and competition among the people of trade and industry,

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